My neighbor chatting with her visitor, overheard one day. Summer 2011.

well i've seen him at the toledo
and he has blonde curly surfer hair?
yeah at the toledo bar.
he isn't that attractive but he dresses really nicely.
yeah those shorts were really nice.
i haven't seen my sister, she is a flight attendant. we're estranged.

are you into designer sunglasses?
because i found these, they are gucci. they are too big for my face. you can have them.

these are from the dollar store. i always get extra. when i was partying, i lost all my nordstroms clothes. and i had a new guess watch. so i had to just let it go. i'm never going to be able to afford that, we started with a $100 shopping spree, and it turned into a $500 shopping spree. all those clothes disappeared. i don't have a single thing left.

that's how it is! i have a couch, too. there was a dude, in his 60s, i was in college in my 20s, i was so naive. he bought me a couch. then i guess he wanted sex, why do older dudes do that. really, i was so naive. i tried to push him away with my hand gently, and he wouldn't go away. i was petrified! i tried to get away.

i've had that too.

we're all neurotic, but he was miserable. he lives on a boat or something. there's a lot of weirdos. they either have money, or. none of them are married.

he's cute!! and he came with that girl? we went out a couple times? they went to a concert a while ago? he's in the service. anyway, oh he's very cute. he's all salt n pepper but he's very cute. she went to hole mole with him.

the doctor in the documentary. he was kinda weird and quiet, avoided eye-contact, he was just there. but she loved him! my mojo's off. oh my god! he's coming today, and i haven't lost weight! around 5. trying to get naked with someone, it's like stuffing your bra! what's the point? he is really sweet, he doesn't drink, he is polite, he was rubbing my feet, snuggling. but that's what i wanted, you know what i mean? well, i don't think we're going to have a sleepover. he says you don't need to lose weight. the first thing he does when he comes over is pick me up and says, see? you don't need to lose weight.

i never heard back from tuesday. who is the other girl she goes with? donna? oh dominique. and then what's that creepy lady's name? then we have kristin, and john is gay, there were 8 of us. crazy old lady, so it was you, me, robert, and the black girl. kristin. janie, and someone with a mexican name? why is my mind? jamie, the hostess, and then who was in the middle? why can we not remember? mimi. so it's been 3 weeks since we've seen her. she said she reminded her of her alcoholic father? comin' out. that was a very long email. she is not as straightforward as she seems. dominique is always talking about drugs and alcohol. dynamite dominique. short, a little bit chubby, yeah.

that is a total fucking double standard! i didn't want him around. he wants to come over so bad. and then i wanted him to go away, but then i was leading him on by asking for favors. i said i love you go away thing. well not really, but could you fix this for me. but now i made out with him so it's all good. do you want to go walking or running. something wrong's with my feet and my arch. it is getting worse and worse. you just have to do it. like nike, just do it.

whew, these are some bodies on the front. what? some bodies on the front. my goal is to wear a bikini. my gut is the problem. well, its not dimply, look mine's dimply. it really bugs me. oh, stretch marks? i got them when i was 15. i got them because i was just growing faster. i have them on my breasts too. yeah, i was just flat, and then all of a sudden. i saw pictures from my birthday, and my face was all fat! how did that happen? did you put that on facebook? no, its the width. and her arm, its just really too tiny. the other thing was that it was a really big shirt. a 60 year old woman, she was like a grandma. oh its like beyonce! awesome.

amy! she's having a hard time. i wonder if she's alcoholic. she's been in and out for a long time. i saw her at somebodys, i remember seeing her there, and i thought it was with you. i knew her name! and she knew me. heather? the one with the shaved hair? i know her, and she knows me, but we don't know why. i was in AA in texas, but it wasn't from there. she is a teacher though. it's just that we liked eachother.

i didn't know she was gay, either! i was kinda shocked! amy! no, i knew heather was. it's freakin' me out. and her girlfriend looks like that girl who goes to marina pacifica who sits by joe and melissa, i didn't know her.