Lara Odell is an artist and illustrator. Born in Long Beach, CA in 1971, one of her earliest pieces is a drawing of ballerinas peeing at a recital. Over the years her aesthetic has become more refined, for better or worse, but it has kept her inherent sense of humor, pathos and the absurd.

Her father was an engineer at McDonnell Douglas and her mother was an award-winning pie maker and table setter. In 1979 her parents (with her aunts and grandmother) appeared on the game show The Family Feud; they lost. Shortly thereafter they lost the marriage game as well.

Lara uses gouache and assorted papers to create her cut-outs; the cut-outs address the ephemerality that defines consciousness and the fragility of identity. In her drawings, tentative characters tolerate and express varying degrees of anxiety. She has also worked extensively with printmaking, video and stop-motion animation.

Lara has art degrees from UC Irvine, SUNY Buffalo and Alfred University. Her artwork has shown in galleries and museums nationally and internationally as well as online. She lives in southern California with a Canadian English professional and their Canadamerican 6-year old.

Her drawings are updated on an intermittent but frequent basis here.



Recipient of the Arts Council for Long Beach 2015-2016 Professional Artist Fellowship
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I will have prints of my work on display at the Coffee Cup Cafe in Long Beach, CA, April - September, 2016